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Defending my faith!


Through out the years of my atheists Christian life I have had to defend my faith. In the early years of my new faith, I found myself debating those who didn’t believe in a God of any matter! And tho I was young, I knew how to defend myself, not just by faith, but by knowing and understand, full well, what I believed in. Not letting emotions into the picture. Not saying ” well that’s faith!” Like some do to avoid answering a question they don’t understand. 
But I have found out in the past 4 years, most of the people that have debated me have been those of my same belief. I found myself proving how powerful my God is to those who believe in him. Just recently a 22 year old believer told me to my face ” you know the bible and how you break it down is beyond anything I have never heard. And it’s great. But you don’t live what you preach! You are lukewarm, and like the bible says, God will spilt u out of his mouth!” Now this young person has talked to me maybe twice a week for about 3 months. Out of those talks less then half have been about the bible. It wasn’t till my status at his church started to change. I preached,  it was good! He came over my aunts house and asked me if I had stolen the message from someone or was it original. I answered “that message I preached was almost 10 years old
 I wrote it when I was 17.”
After a quick explanation on how the message concept was revealed to me, he backed off!
A few days latter at a bible study, this young person tells me that I don’t live what I preached! His idea: my non Christian girlfriend and my wearing all black and looking like some people that worship the devil” gives off the wrong presentation of a Christian! I offered him different times in the bible, old and New Testament alike, of people who presented themselves, by their dress- style and job, something they where not. And time and time again God used them and never changed their “style”
How can how I dress not be ” Christian enough?” How can who I call my better half not be ” Christian enough?” 
And after his strong headedness did not let him see that he might be wrong! I did something I never did before. 
In my younger days, I would have destroyed any who presented an argument without anything other then ” I was taught” as a defense and foundation! 
But this time, I felt un-threaten. The comments he made about my status in God where invalid!
And instead of the joy of seeing his argument crumble before my eyes, I simply responded ” those ideas and verses u quoted, study them deeply! See after u have, if u are using them in the same manner.?” 
I found myself defending my faith to Christians! And though I enjoy debating, I learn not to debate a believer like an unbeliever. 
Christ is bigger then the cloths I wear, the girlfriend I have, the style I choose. He is bigger then the concept of ideas people have of Him
I defend my faith! 
Sometimes not with Hebrew or Greek! Not with rabbinical teachings and concepts based off my church history studies I have done many years! Not based on Paulin theology, Christology or theology!
Simply by love
By letting things go
In the end
What’s speaks more is how we react to people who don’t believe what you say, then over reacting and digging them deeper Into their  own wrong ideology!
Defend your faith! Even to those in the same faith status you claim!

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It’s #2am in the morning and while some people are out or sleeping, I’m studying! Don’t get mad when you can’t understand my teachings because there to deep for you! Push yourself to understand more! That’s what I’m doing. Never not growing!!! #bible #hebrew #greek #imac #notebook #studying #studies #working #on #new #stuff #get #on #that #grind #always #growing #always #learning #there #is #always #more #tumblr #hipstamatic

Tomorrow is September 11th. If you see somebody being Islamophobic toward Muslims or non-Muslim Arabs and Sikhs, don’t stand by and do nothing. Shut that shit down!

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This is my sister, Heather. 11 years ago she was born with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida means you are born with a hole in your back affecting your spinal cord. She has been in a wheel chair since she was about 3.  She has never truly been able to walk without assistance. She has gone through 19 surgeries and the 20th is coming up in December. We have contacted “Make A Wish Foundation” and we are waiting to go through the process. Her biggest wish is to meet the cast and crew of Supernatural (her favorite show) in Vancouver on the set.  Could all of you sweet supernatural fans help support Heather, on the pursuit of her BIGGEST WISH EVER!!! You can help by reblogging this, spreading the word, or sending this to any cast or crew of SPN. 

Thank you for the love and support. 

Business Email: heathers.wish@yahoo.com

Twitter: HeathersWish

Love and hugs,

Heather’s Family


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